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Receipt scanning app for your mobile

Available for both Android and iPhone, the Receipt Bank Scanning App means you’ll never lose another receipt.

Scan your receipts as you receive them

With the Receipt Scanning App you take a photo and we scan the receipt.
When that’s done, you get the data you need, without exerting the effort.

  1. Download the receipt scanning app for Android or iPhone.

  2. Take a photo of your receipt.

  3. Ditch the receipt. We recommend recycling!

Download the Receipt Bank App on the App Store Download the Receipt Bank App on Google Play

Key Features

Capture quickly and easily

Highly accurate text extraction

Push notifications

Include description, project or category

Publish to accounting software

Manage expense reports

What next?

You’ve now saved yourself hours of time and wallets full of cash. Your receipt processing is all done!

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Publish to your accounting or bookkeeping software?

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Download to a spreadsheet or CSV file?

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Create an expense report or share with your accountant?